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StaffGeek Podcast Episode 70: Making the Hiring Process More Efficient and Effective with HireReach

Updated: Jan 19

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In this episode, HireReach’s Project Manager Marlene Brostrom talks about the benefits of the skills-based hiring model, the ways employers make hiring decisions, and how to reduce bias in the hiring process.

Marlene Brostrom is a Project Manager at West Michigan Works! where she oversees, plans and directs various aspects of the HireReach program including program design.

Marlene is a Certified Business Solutions Professional with over 10 years of experience

managing and delivering programs in workforce and community development.. Here are a few of the topics we’ll discuss on this episode of People Analytics:

  • How to make the hiring process more efficient and effective.

  • What a skills-based hiring model looks like.

  • What’s been causing changes in the labor market.

  • The ways employers make hiring decisions.

  • The importance of qualifications when getting hired.

  • How skills-based hiring helps reduce bias.

  • Interviewing techniques to avoid bad hires.

  • The partnership between HR and talent acquisition.

  • How to leverage your organizational culture.

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