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Information and Tools to Support Employers Implementing Evidence-Based Selection

Job Analysis

Job Analysis is a process to document the content of a job in terms of the activities involved in the work, the competencies or attributes of individuals that do the job, or the job requirements need to perform the work activities. HireReach uses the Talxcellenz® O*NET-Based Confirmatory Job Analysis Process. Upon completion, employers will receive a summary of the outputs of job analysis. Samples of these documents are below:

Jim Sharf has been engaged to provide guidance and support on the legal defensibility of selection systems, specially evidence-based selection models. Jim is the President and CEO of Sharf & Associates, Employment Risk Advisors and is considered to be the top expert witness and advisor in this space.

Legal Defensibility

Education Testing Services (ETS) provides the WorkFORCE® portfolio, behavioral and cognitive assessments that are valid and reliable selection measures designed to assess important foundational competencies.

ETS Selection Tools

As a part of the HireReach initiative, Urban League of West Michigan (ULWM) has been engaged as our diversity subject matter expert to deliver implicit bias training.

D&I Training and Programs

Skill Survey provides valid and reliable tools to support reference checks and candidate sourcing.

Skill Survey Selection Tools

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