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HireReach is a three-year initiative designed to help West Michigan employers meet their talent demands using an evidence-based selection process. 

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Cohort Two Recruitment

To support employers in interested learning more about evidence-based selection and joining HireReach Cohort 2, we’ve scheduled two informational sessions that will be held on Tuesday, April 16, 2019 and Tuesday, September 17, 2019 from 8:30-11:30 am at the GVSU L. William Seidman Center. Click here to register.

Finding talent is harder than it’s been in decades, but even in a tight labor market, some populations struggle to find employment. Expanding the use of evidence-based selection will help West Michigan decrease those disparities and improve the quality of our workforce. 

Why evidence-based selection?

Selecting the right candidate is one of the most important decisions an employer makes. That decision is often influenced by bias and other variables unrelated to job skills. Decision making can be enhanced by using a disciplined process, accurate tools, and relevant data. 

Evidence-based selection is a fair, objective, data-driven strategy that helps organizations make better hiring decisions. It’s proven to improve quality of hire, reduce first-year turnover, and increase workforce diversity. 

 A Leading Practice

HireReach uses a strategy based on one developed for Mercy Health in 2010. The health system implemented an evidence-based selection process to improve talent acquisition. The process evaluated candidates holistically, targeting skills relevant to each job and reducing the potential for unconscious bias. After hiring over 10,000 candidates using the process for the past eight years, Mercy Health reports: 

  • First-year turnover of those hired using the strategy dropped 23%

  • The amount of time it took to hire a candidate dropped 16%

  • The diversity of the workforce more than doubled

We are pleased our investment resulted in a higher quality workforce to serve our patients, both in job fit and in diversity.
— Shana Welch, Executive Director of Talent Acquisition, Mercy Health

Learn more about HireReach and Mercy Health’s evidence-based selection journey by watching the video below:

HireReach: The Mercy Health Story

Essential Elements of Evidence-Based Selection

Evidence-based selection is a methodology that incorporates a disciplined process with: 

Evidence-based selection helps employers make better hiring decisions by reducing bias and noise, leading to decreased turnover and increased diversity.

Understanding Jobs

  • Job Grouping

  • Valid Selection Requirements (Job Analysis)

Understanding/Using Selection Tools

  • Assessments (Cognitive, Job Fit/Personality)

  • Structured Interview Guides

Using Data to Improve Decision Making

  • Compensatory 5-Star Rating System

  • Data Collection for Longitudinal Validation

HireReach Delivery Model

Employer Engagement: Scaling Success

Focusing on entry level and middle-skill jobs, HireReach is designed to replicate Mercy Health’s diversity and retention results at other West Michigan employers across various industry sectors. Participating employers will benefit from a Community of Practice, on-site consulting, and access to essential subject matter experts as they implement an evidence-based selection process. 

subject Matter experts

HireReach will provide employers access to subject matter experts through a Community of Practice and consulting. The subject matter experts will advise on: 

  • Evidence-based selection process and tools

  • Inclusive leadership

  • Unintentional bias

  • Legal defensibility

  • Other technical areas

Community of practice

A Community of Practice (CoP) will be established and facilitated by HireReach with two cohorts of 10-15 employers each. One starting January 2019, the second in 2020. Participating employers will meet monthly for:

  • Training with experts

  • Peer-to-peer sharing

  • Interactive learning and development

  • Support for selection process redesign

Consulting support

In addition to the Community of Practice, HireReach will provide on-site consulting support. Consulting will consist of meetings to support employers as they:

  • Identify and train the guiding team

  • Create internal communications

  • Engage colleagues

  • Gain stakeholder buy-in

  • Train talent acquisition teams and hiring managers

Employers from every sector are looking for proven methods to hire high quality talent. The evidence-based selection process can help employers add top quality talent while diversifying their workforce in a tight labor market.
— Kevin Stotts, President of Talent 2025

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HireReach is a collaboration of Talent 2025 and West Michigan Works! and is generously funded by The Doug and Maria DeVos Foundation and the W.K. Kellogg Foundation.

HireReach is a collaboration of Talent 2025 and West Michigan Works! and is generously funded by The Doug and Maria DeVos Foundation and the W.K. Kellogg Foundation.