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"Participating in HireReach has been invaluable in transforming our recruiting process. We have been able to centralize our recruiting process and tackle hiring problems with data instead of feelings. Our organization has a better understanding of what makes a hire a good hire, and how to back that up with data. We see this as a way to create an influx of talent that will help propel Cascade Engineering to future success."


Proven Practice

HireReach is based on a strategy developed for Mercy Health in 2010. The health system implemented an evidence-based selection process that evaluates candidates holistically, targeting skills relevant to each job and reducing the potential for unconscious bias. After hiring over 10,000 candidates, Mercy Health reports:

  • First-year turnover dropped 23%

  • Time-to-hire dropped 16%

  • Diversity more than doubled.

The Mercy Health Story

Employer Testimonials

More than 39 employers have partnered with HireReach to create a fair, objective data-driven strategy to help them find, hire and promote the best candidates. Here are just a few of their stories:

City of Grand Rapids

"The most valuable part of participating in HireReach was learning about the data behind evidence-based selection. This is an innovation that can transform the hiring process. It was incredibly valuable to have a team of experts help us update a hiring process to be consistent, equitable and legally defensible.

By participating in HireReach, the City of Grand Rapids has been able to bring accessibility to the civil service process. We have removed barriers and we are able to take a more holistic view of each candidate and we can screen qualified candidates into the process - rather than screening them out."

Alexandria Polk, Senior Human Resources Analyst, City of Grand Rapids


"Training presentations were extremely helpful to understand the foundation of evidence-based selection. The review and demonstration of assessment vendors was fantastic. The process saved so much time.

Hearing from a credible third-party organization convinced us

we needed a change within our organization. It really added momentum to our efforts and helped our team quickly mature and grow in understanding."

Shannon King, Talent Acquisition Manager, Gordon Food Service

"We approached the intellectual and practical introduction to tools and techniques to reduce hiring bias. We also valued the partnership with other employers in our cohort, along with the guidance we received from the HireReach team. This has been incredibly helpful as we navigate implementing what we learned. 


They gave us a method to improve quality and metrics in the critical areas of recruiting and hiring. The process helped us remove barriers and broadened our reach to further diversify our faculty and staff."


Kathy Natelborg, Executive Director of Human Resources, Davenport University

"Making improvements to our hiring process was on the radar, but we were unsure how to find the time and resources to start. Being a part of HireReach gave us structured time to work on improvement. It explained the research, offered practical action steps and provided individual support to make real progress.


Our organization is looking forward for ways to show up as an actively anti-racist organization. moving towards evidence-based selection is giving us an avenue to make real change in the way we recruit and hire. HireReach provided a foundation for making our organization diverse and for ensuring our hiring practices give opportunity for all."


Megan Toth, Talent Acquisition and Engagement Manager, YMCA of Greater Grand Rapids

"All of the resources were excellent. We learned from model examples but were encouraged to create a system that would fit our organization. We're very excited to use JOFI assessments in our process.


We see the value in helping GRCC to improve the quality of hire, reduce turnover and increase our workforce diversity. We have a strong business case, because it's always been our goal to hire a diverse workforce to serve our student population. And we have strong support from our President and Executive Leadership. These create a recipe for success.”

— Cathy Kubiak, Executive Director of Human Resources, Grand Rapids Community College

“We appreciated the opportunity to take a step back, look at our processes objectively and realign what we wanted to accomplish with what we were actually accomplishing.

We’re using a process that everyone within our organization buys into and clearly sees the value of, because hiring the right people is the MOST important thing we do.”


Ellen Winterburn, HR Director, Project Bar Fly, LLC

“We are truly excited and eager to see how this initiative will help us hire the BEST talent out there by using data and ratings to reduce bias in the selection process. We are grateful for all the resources, training, networking and outstanding support.


We have gained a way to reduce bias in our hiring by using evidence-based selection process.”

— Berny Jose, Employment Specialist, Mary Free Bed

“Participating in HireReach provided a great opportunity to connect, as a Talent Acquisition Team, to establish a consistent and efficient process to hire the best talent for our open positions.

The time that we had to focus has been great. So often, we get ‘too busy’ and don’t make the time to learn. The tools and knowledge will enhance our process and will prove to be valuable now and in the future.”


— Johnna Staat, AVP, Talent Acquisition Manager, Mercantile Bank

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