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About The HireReach Academy

The HireReach Academy is a five-month virtual academy that gives participating organizations the tools and knowledge they need to create a skills-based hiring process. View course objectives.


The HireReach Academy combines a series of learning modules and activities with tools and resources, peer learning and consulting support.

What makes a skills-based hiring process more effective?

A skills-based approach to hiring and promotion assesses the whole person, not just their resume. Candidates are evaluated using a variety of tools including cognitive, personality and career interest assessments. Together with education, work history and endorsements, you get a better prediction of an applicant's ability to not just perform, but succeed. Download the HireReach overview to learn more. 

More than 35 organizations have participated in HireReach to implement a skills-based hiring process proven to:

  • Reduce first-year turnover.

  • Reduce time-to-fill.

  • Increase diversity.

Participating Employers
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Academy Timelines

Academy Sessions

The HireReach Academy is designed to accommodate busy organizations. Participants work through course content and, together with their team, immediately begin to apply concepts into their organization's selection process. Most organizations are able to design and implement an evidence-based selection process by the end of the academy.

Participation in a HireReach Academy includes:

  • Copies of HireReach guidebooks and supporting materials.

  • Unlimited 12-month access to HireReach learning content in their learning management system.

  • Guided training using the learning content for the five months of the Academy.

  • Five two-hour Academy peer meetings.

  • Free unlimited use of JOFI assesments (cognitive, personality, career interests and pre-screen assessments) and compensatory scoring during the HireReach Academy and 6 months following the academy.

  • Five one-hour customized consulting sessions with the HireReach team and subject matter experts in industrial psychology, change management, evidence-based talent systems, and talent acquisition.

  • As-needed technical support and consulting during the Academy.

  • Access to the HireReach alumni network, including JOFI User's Group.

Cost to participate in a HireReach Academy varies. Please contact the HireReach team for specific costs for your location. Some areas have local philanthropic support that enable discounted fees or free participation. We welcome inquiries from individual employers and from foundations interested in sponsoring a regional effort. A good first step is to schedule an informational meeting with the HireReach team.

Fall Academy - August - December

Spring Academy - February - June

Selection and Readiness Criteria

HireReach is right for organizations that meet the following criteria:

  • Strategic focus on human resource key performance metrics, including reduced turnover, improved quality of hire, increased diversity and reduced time-to-fill.

  • Have a dedicated Human Resource function.

  • Have the ability to attend all training and consulting sessions and complete course work.

  • Ready and willing to adopt an evidence-based process for selecting candidates, including the use of assessments.

A series of questions are built into the HireReach Academy application to support organizations in considering their readiness to join a HireReach Academy.

Employer Application

Click below to access a PDF of the employer application.

Click below to launch the HireReach Academy Employer Application.

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