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Find better candidates and make smarter hiring decisions with a skills-based hiring process.

Skills-based hiring: A better way to predict success

People are the backbone of your company. Selecting the right people is critical to your success. In today’s challenging labor market, it’s more important than ever to be intentional about your assessment and selection process.

Why skills-based?
In a nutshell, a skills-based approach assesses the whole person, not just their resume. Candidates are evaluated using a variety of tools including cognitive, personality, and career interest assessments. Together with education, work history, and endorsements, you get a better prediction of an applicant’s ability to not just perform, but succeed.


More than 30 organizations have implemented a skills-based hiring process through Hire Reach.

Find out how HireReach can give you the knowledge and tools to transform your hiring process in less than six months!

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